On the last day of the year 2019, another (6th) pancreatic islet transplantation procedure was carried out at University Clinical Center in Gdansk (UCK). This novel minimal invasive procedure was made possible due to successful pancreas processing and islet isolation at he Labolatory for Cell and Tussie Banking and Transplantation CellT in Gdansk. The team in laboratory has worked diligently on the final islet product preparation making sure it is viabile, potent and remains sterile. This complex logistic procedure requires also pancreas recovery from a deceased donor performed by team of surgeons from UCK, which this time included also Prof, . Piotr Witkowski from the University of Chicago. He has been instrumental in development of the Islet Transplant Program in Gdansk sharing his experience. Islet transplantation allows for much improved glucose controlled and quality of life in those type 1 diabetic patients who suffer from severe hypoglycemic episodes despite best insulin treatment. We are so excited about the entire project and further collaboration with UCK, looking forward to more procedures saving and improving lives of patients with diabetes